Singer with the clear and
crystalline voice, Nathalie can
charm you and move by her inter-
pretation right and full with emotion.
Having a real capacity of adaptation
in all the musical genres, it is with
brilliance that she interprets the
songs of yesterday, of today, and
carries you in a swirl of harmony.

Nathalie does not leave insensitive, so much
its vocal service is of quality and its generous
love of life.

Musician first
price of academy
equipped with a
real donation for
the guitar, Marc
makes you share
his passion for the
rock'n'roll-blues, while
excelling in other
musical genres.

Virtuoso of the guitar and
remarkable sound
engineer, it is not less
gifted for the song with his
voice charming lady and

Its energy, its good mood and
its communicative
user-friendliness ensure to
spend unforgettable good moments in its company.



Creation, computer graphics : Roland Barreau ® 2013. Photos : IRIS, x…